Xiaomi Confirms The Launch Of Mi MIX 4 Smartphone And A Tablet In 2021

A couple of days back, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had hinted at the launch of a brand new smartphone. The device was supposed to be branded under the upcoming Mi MIX lineup. Recently, Jun confirmed the information that a Mi MIX smartphone will get an official launch sometime this year. This device will be the fourth-generation model in the Mi MIX lineup.

Many of the Xiaomi executives shared the news on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging website. Through their posts, they stated that Xiaomi will be releasing a new tablet this year. Perhaps, getting some of the senior executives to share the news on social media was a part of the promotional strategy of the company.

While some believe that the tablet and the smartphone might get launched at the same time, there has been no confirmation on it. Xiaomi might space out the release date of the two products so that each of them could be promoted properly. Launching the two products has its benefits too. Launching two new devices at the same time would attract a lot of eyeballs. The final decision regarding this, of course, rests with the company.

When Lei Jun dropped hints about the launch of the upcoming smartphone a while back, there were reports about it being the most expensive smartphone to have been manufactured by Xiaomi. While there is limited information about the phone at the moment, there are rumors about Xiaomi going for a foldable design that would almost give the impression of the phone being a book. If these reports turn out to be true, the upcoming Mi MIX will be the first-ever foldable smartphone from the company.

There is also a chance of Xiaomi opting for a four-side waterfall display, the kind that features 88-degree curves on all ends. This display type was launched a couple of days back with a concept smartphone. Many smartphone manufacturers have shown interest in this display and there is a possibility of Xiaomi integrating it into its soon-to-be-launched smartphone.

While Lei Jun has given a confirmation about the smartphone getting a launch sometime this year, the company does not seem to have decided a particular date for the launch. It must be noted here that a Mi MIX phone will be arriving in the market after two years.

Nothing is known about the tablet at the moment but whenever it comes out, it is bound to create some buzz as the last tablet launched by the company was Mi Tab 4 which was launched way back in 2018.