WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy Related to Facebook Data Sharing Now Delayed

In a recently published post on its official blog, WhatsApp declared that it will implement a particular change in its privacy policy, which had created quite a stir, a little later. A certain modification was supposed to happen and reflect in WhatsApp’s privacy policy from February 2021. But now, the company has stated that this change will be implemented after three months.

In the blog post, the Facebook-owned company has addressed the concerns of users who raised questions about the change in the privacy policy and were worried that it would put the security of their data and private information at risk. “There’s been a lot of misinformation causing concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts,” WhatsApp conveyed through the blog.

In the year 2016, WhatsApp started sharing data automatically with Facebook but people had the option of not sharing their data with the latter. A report which came out last week mentioned that WhatsApp would start sharing the data of its users with Facebook from February 8. And, unlike the earlier policy, users would not have the option to opt-out.

As WhatsApp users started panicking over this change in the privacy policy, with some even deactivating their account, the company realized they needed to act fast and think of a damage-control move. It decided to reach out to its users directly and clarify that this new policy would only be implanted on businesses using WhatsApp and not regular accounts or users.

WhatsApp acknowledged the fact that the announcement regarding the change in privacy policy created some confusion and even a sense of unrest among users. Its reason behind the delay in implementing the change, it says, is to make all its users fully aware of the change and control the spread of misinformation among them. While the new privacy policy will be implemented eventually, most users will be comfortable with the idea of this change when it finally becomes effective.

WhatsApp has further stated that the app was built on a very basic idea. It was launched with the aim of ensuring better communication between people in one’s personal and professional space without the threat of any privacy breach. It has laid emphasis on the fact that the company protects the secrecy of personal conversations with the help of end-to-end encryption. Because of this, neither WhatsApp nor Facebook gets direct access to private messages.