Volkswagen Ties Up With Microsoft To Deploy Cloud Computing System For Autonomous Vehicles

From being a seemingly impractical idea to becoming a fully realized dream of automobile makers, autonomous, or self-driving cars as they are commonly referred to, are creating quite a buzz in the market today. Even those who had safety concerns have now warmed up to the idea of traveling in a driver-less car. The integration of new-age technology like 5G has contributed towards attracting a larger consumer base for these vehicles.

As 5G technology evolves further, more automobile manufacturing companies and even startups will invest in autonomous vehicles. Companies that are already producing autonomous vehicles keep an eye out for new technology, the kind that can be implemented in these vehicles to make them more feasible and add to their commercial value.

Recently, Microsoft declared that it is about to enter into a partnership with Volkswagen. The primary aim of this partnership would be to deploy cloud technology, which has been developed by Microsoft, in autonomous vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen. Volkswagen will benefit from the tech giant’s expertise in this particular technology and speed up the process of putting together its self-driving model.

This is not the first time that the two companies have collaborated on a project. Volkswagen and Microsoft were already into a partnership to deploy cloud technology in the former’s non-autonomous or connected cars. Volkswagen seeks to utilize the tech company’s Azure Cloud computing platform for developing an Automated Driving Platform (ADF). Once the Automated Driving Platform is fully developed, it will play an important role in determining how the autonomous vehicles produced by Volkswagen eventually turn out to be.

Microsoft Azure is the name of Microsoft’s cloud computing arm which is quite robust and powerful. Microsoft Azure provides a bunch of services that have become extremely relevant in today’s times owing to most businesses realizing the importance of a cloud computing system to ensure that the organizational activities take place at a faster pace and data remains safe.

Volkswagen understood the importance of having a partner that would help it in managing the large-scale data requirements that would go in developing its autonomous vehicles. With this collaboration with Microsoft, it hopes to accelerate the process at which the development cycle of the vehicles will take place. With the help of Microsoft’s cloud technology, it aims to do the work, that would take months to do, in weeks.