Tom Brady reacts to JD Martinez’s Super Bowl shirt

JD Martinez of the Boston Red Sox had the perfect drip for the first day of their spring training. The slugger came in rocking an orange tee with a photo of Tom Brady during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ championship parade, where the five-time Super Bowl MVP seemed to have way too much Tequila his 43-year old body could take.

As embarrassing as the photo is, the t-shirt actually came out quite perfectly.

Brady had no choice but to laugh at this one. The future Hall of Fame member, who’s always quite the sport, took this one in the chin and retweeted the Red Sox’s post featuring Martinez poking fun at Brady’s unforgettable championship parade experience. They even mirrored Brady’s original tweet with a caption, complete with the typo error and sticky caps: “Nothing to see her…just litTle sPrInG tRaInInG.”

Brady’s debut season with the Buccaneers was quite epic. The 14-time Pro Bowl quarterback led the team all the way to Super Bowl LV and eventually dethroned the Kansas City Chiefs behind another incredible performance.

After one of the most challenging years in Brady’s illustrious career, from switching teams to all the COVID-19 restrictions, he definitely let loose and partied the hell out of the Buccaneers’ championship parade, even having the courage to throw the Vince Lombardi Trophy from a boat.

It didn’t matter that he had to limp his way out of the pier, Tom Brady and the rest of the Buccaneers deserved all the booze they consumed that day. Now, thanks to Martinez, he also has the perfect remembrance of that legendary day.

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