September update: New Notifications, New Contributor Programme, Quarterly Pro Plans and more


September was a packed month for the Product Team at e27.

Revamped Notifications System

We updated our Notifications System so that you can better follow activities and updates on e27. It’s a cleaner interface, we have worked on some of the previous kinds and we also managed to retain the old notifications. We want to continue to push activities directly to you so that you can be kept up to date in what’s happening in the e27 ecosystem.

Revamped Contributor Programme

We updated our contributor program (what I’m using now to write this up) to make it easier for you to create content on e27. It’s cleaner, faster and uses the latest TinyMCE widget. It also better syncs with our existing tags and categories in WordPress, so that you know for sure that you’re using the right tags and categories.

We also allow file/image uploads now, something we shared in our release notes in August, so that you can upload the pictures, infographics, etc. you need to make your content stand out. Try it out here.

Quarterly plan for e27 Pro

Due to popular demand, we launched a Quarterly plan for our e27 Pro membership program. Previously we only had yearly and two yearly plans. If you’re looking to claim one of the Perks we have, or you want a few months to try our Pro offering the Quarterly plan is a good way to test it out. You can check it out all our Pro offerings at our freshly revamped Pro Memberships page. Our one-stop site to sort your e27 issues

As e27 gets bigger and more robust, we need a better way to support our users. We’ve launched a help site at to answer the top FAQs from our users.

You can access this from the top nav bar as well. We are here to support you and answer your queries with respect to profile related questions, pro membership questions, Perks, ecosystem roundup etc.

Pro labels

We have launched Gold PRO labels on different parts of the site so that you can better differentiate between what’s available for non Pro users and and Pro users. As the Pro member offerring is enriching with more and more features, we want to better distinguish what is available to Pro users and how upgrading to Pro can really help you.

Privacy policy updates

We recently updated our Privacy Policy. Check out our latest updated Privacy Policy here.

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