Praise your good boy from anywhere with Furbo’s dog camera down to $134 for Prime Day

The Furbo treat-tossing Full HD Wi-Fi dog camera has dropped to $133.99 on Amazon. This is a Prime Day deal, so you’ll need your Prime membership to take advantage of it. Normally, this camera goes for around $199. Today’s drop is the lowest price we’ve ever seen. It matches what the pet camera dropped to during last year’s holiday shopping season, but it has been selling for its $199 street price ever since.

Prime Day for Good Boys

Furbo treat-tossing Full Wi-Fi dog camera

Has a 1080p full HD camera with a 160-degree wide-angle lens and night vision. Live stream the video and monitor your pet. Use two-way audio to talk to your pet and get an alert when they’re barking Can toss treats using a command on your phone.

$133.99 $199.00 $65 off

Sure, Prime Day is mostly about you. You’ve got to get your smart home devices and your home security cameras and all that. And maybe you get something for your kids. But have you thought about the dog? You think dogs can’t celebrate Prime Day? Guess again!

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The Furbo pet camera might be a little weird to your pupper at first, but they’ll get used to it and they may even grow to love it. I mean, considering you can make it throw them treats, it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll love it after a while.

Monitor your pet with the 1080p Full HD camera. It uses a 160-degree wide angle lens so you can see the entire room. It also has night vision so you can get a good angle day or night. Live stream the video from your phone and make sure Spot isn’t getting into any trouble. There’s even a barking sensor that will send you a mobile alert when it detects barking. Use the 2-way audio to calm your dog down and talk to them.

Use the Furbo app for a lot of features. You can even fill the camera with your dog’s favorite little treats then use the app to make the camera toss one every now and then.

It is super easy to setup and all you need is a stable internet connection so you can view the video from anywhere.

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