Nobou Uematsu says ‘Fantasian’ could be final soundtrack he creates

Final Fantasy‘s legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu has said he thinks Fantasian could be the last game he creates a complete soundtrack for.

In an interview with IGN Asia, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu talked about the upcoming JRPG, Fantasian, revealing new details about the upcoming Apple Arcade game.

Uematsu, best known for collaborating on the Final Fantasy franchise, also said he thinks Fantasian could be the last video game soundtrack he will create.

“After making music for Fantasian for over a year, I feel that giving my everything for one soundtrack might become difficult in the future, both from a mental and physical perspective,” he explained.

“Composing the soundtrack for a big RPG is time consuming, and once you’re at it there’s no time for anything else.”

Uematsu also shared that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of his concerts were cancelled, so most of the composer’s time was focused on creating music for Fantasian.

He said: “Now that I’ve composed so much music in my life, I want to create more opportunities to play music in front of people in the future, rather than just working on the next game.”

Elsewhere, Uematsu also added that creating Fantasian‘s main theme took him “a lot of time”, later revealing that the final main theme shows a personal side that he hasn’t shown before.

Fantasian is an upcoming JPRG set to release for Apple Arcade, featuring battle mechanics, novel storytelling and over 150 hand-crafted dioramas as in-game environments.

In a recent interview, Final Fantasy 14‘s director, Naoki Yoshida has suggested that the game “may never end”.  Yoshida said that “at least another five years” of content could be coming. This comes after the announcement of the highly anticipated Endwalker expansion, set to launch later this year.