No Apple Event on March 16 to Launch iPad Pro or AirTags, Confirms Reporter

Mark Gurman, a senior journalist with Bloomberg, stated in his report that all those rumors which pointed towards Apple organizing large-scale hardware even on March 16 were absolutely untrue. These rumors started floating around after a bunch of users on Twitter claimed that the Cupertino-based tech giant will be putting together a grand event on the aforementioned date. As there were many tweets that suggested the possibility of the same, many media outlets picked it up and wrote about it.

A couple of days back, two Twitter accounts which went by the names ‘FrontTron’ and ‘LeaksApplePro’ asserted that the tech company had plans to release updated models of the iPad, iPad mini, and the tracking hardware ‘Apple Tags’ at an elaborately planned event on March 16. Economic Daily News, a publication based in South Korea, took note of these tweets and went on to published a full-fledged report based on them. Since then, many reputed publications published similar reports based on the information gathered from the report published by the South Korean publication. Though the publications stated that this was unverified information, it got many people to believe that such an event would indeed take place on March 16.

The Twitter handle ‘LeaksApplePro’ is not exactly known for providing accurate information related to the developments taking place at Apple. In the recent past, the Twitter handle made had made several claims about Apple launching a new product or updating one of its products but most of these claims proved to be untrue. ‘FrontTron’, on the other hand, is a Twitter handle that is known to report about Samsung-related events. While ‘FrontTron’ has had a slightly better track record than ‘LeaksApplePro’, it is not seen as a very reliable source either.

Gurman, who is known to have good sources in Apple, put out a tweet on Twitter stating that Apple is not planning to conduct any event on March 16. Gurman does not offer any clarification on when Apple will eventually host its annual spring event, he has stated that ‘AirTags’ will definitely not be launched on March 16.

It seems that the claims made by the Twitter accounts were a result of the guesswork which those self-proclaimed leakers indulged in after taking into account the rumors that were already floating around and the dates at which Apple launched new products in the past.