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Over recent years, I’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money into my life and business, and I’m committed to a life of growth. This week, I’m bringing you all the tools and teachings I’ve learned from a range of incredible coaches and mentors to help you grow and expand into a life you love.

I believe that without growth and evolving yourself, you’ll stagnate. I also believe that the best way to transform and get the results you want in life is to surround yourself with the people you want to be like. Fill your brain with their wisdom – take their courses, read their books, listen to their podcasts – because the effects will be unimaginable.

In this episode, I’m sharing all that I’ve learned from these coaches and explaining how working with them has enabled me to change my life. I’m showing you how to choose your next teacher, coach, or mentor and why it’s so important to invest in yourself and your future.

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Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life Podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Welcome to the podcast. We have so many new listeners. If you are a new listener I want to welcome you personally. And what I want to do today is help you get to know me better specifically with respect to my own coaches and teachers. So, Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” Said differently, I love to learn and I love to invest in myself so that I’m always growing and evolving. I invest in teachers, and coaches, and mentors, everything from free podcasts like this one to really, really expensive coaching programs and sort of everything in between.

And today that’s what we’re going to talk about. But before we dive in I want to invite you to join me, head on over to, that’s one word, I am hosting an intentional self-love live training. You can get all the details there. We are going to deep dive into how to avoid that comparison trap and really how you can practice self-love on purpose. We are going to have a lot of fun, so head on over to

Alright, now I want to talk with you about my coaches and teachers. And really this is going to help you get to know me better, help you get to know my think around coaching, and personal development, and investing in yourself, and how transformational it can be. Not even necessarily because of the nuts and bolts of what you learn in the program, but just being in the energy and in the room of the people who are creating these programs and how much it can help you in your life, regardless of whatever result, or transformation, or change that you want to see. It applies to everything.

So I’m not going to give you all of their websites, I was thinking about this. And what I’m going to do instead is list them all in the show notes. So if you go over to you can get all of these website links. Otherwise I think I would be spelling all of their names and it would be harder to listen to.

Okay, with that out of the way let’s get started with Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus. Oh my goodness, these two are now really great friends of mine. And I just think of them as the very first blogging teachers that I ever had. And Alex is particularly a brilliant direct response marketer, and watching him work and seeing how he built his multiple seven figure businesses has always helped me and inspired me to focus on what I was missing and go in that direction.

So before working with Alex and Lauren I just had this blog that wasn’t really service based and I had no author. And I had no programs. And just getting the exposure to direct response marketing it enabled me to take what I learned there and then go so much further, whereas if I never learned from them, who knows where my blog would be. I would be in a totally different direction. So thank you Alex and Lauren. I love them. If you yourself are a blogger I highly recommend them, they’re so good.

Next up is Michael Hyatt. You guys know Michael Hyatt, I love Michael Hyatt. I love him and his whole entire family. I also follow his daughters and just everything about Michael Hyatt I love. He is an executive leadership coach. And what I want to share here with you, not only do I love his book The Vision Driven Leader, he has other books but that’s the one I read most recently and love. But I took his goal setting course years ago.

And in that goal setting course he had a one year Facebook community that you could be a part of. And he dropped in there a link to Brooke Castillo’s podcast. I think it was The Stop Overdrinking podcast. It wasn’t even specifically about life coaching. But that’s how I learned about Brooke Castillo and she’s who I’m going to talk about next. But really finding her is what led me to become a life coach.

And what I want you to see is not that you need to go follow Michael Hyatt or learn from Brooke Castillo. But that when you take steps forward, even if it’s just one step forward, it’s that one goal setting course to put you in the room of the people who you want to learn from. You’re going to have these strategic byproducts that you cannot even predict. And those are often the best part of any goal or growth that you do. Isn’t that wild? I just I love knowing this and I love looking for this.

Whenever I’m in a new program I’m always looking for kind of what byproduct am I going to get from this that isn’t necessarily part of the course or the program? But it’s something that I can get so much value from learning by looking for it and finding it. I love Michael Hyatt.

Next is my coach and mentor Brooke Castillo. I got certified in the last class of live Life Coach School training certifications. So what that means is I was certified by Brooke in person through The Life Coach School and became a certified life coach. And I actually just took my recertification exam last week.

So every single year we take a test to make sure we are trained on the latest coaching tools from the school. And really what that means is that all of my coaching is causal based coaching. So I help you find the root cause of the challenges that you’re having and help you solve them from the inside out. I am so grateful for Brooke for creating The Life Coach School and for creating a certification program, for training me and the thousands of other life coaches on how to do this work, and teach this work, and coach.

I know how to coach myself now. I know how to coach other people. I really changed the trajectory of my life and my business from what I’ve learned from Brooke. And I was thinking more specifically what I wanted to mention that I learned from her that I just love, besides all of the coaching tools. And I think it’s money, so prior to learning about money from Brooke, I had learned from all of the traditional money experts and I still love them. But what I hadn’t learned was how to think about money very independently and very differently.

So it’s from Brooke that I learned how to create a value of generosity that I live by that has completely changed my life. So if you know me personally you may know this. For those of you who don’t, I love to give gifts, and I love to give money, and I love to donate to charities. In my business we donate to charities monthly and it’s from a place of giving, and it’s from a place of feeling generosity. I learned this from Brooke and I just hadn’t even thought of it before. So I’m so grateful for that because I know that that has changed my life forever.

I’ve also learned how to have confidence and courage to be whoever I want to be regardless of what other people think. So I’m so grateful to Brooke, people tend to ask me if I have a life coach training or certify people. And I always say, “If you want to become a certified life coach and coach other people go to The Life Coach School.” I am so grateful that they have set the standards so high. I mentioned that I just took that annual exam, it’s just something that I think if you want to do, you want to do it right and you want to be the best and that’s what you’re going to get at The Life Coach School.

The next coach who I want to talk with you about is Jody Moore. Jody is someone who I have been learning from for a few years. And what I’ve learned from her is how to have a family, and who I want to be in my family. Jody is an amazing coach, but she also is a mother of four. And I have seen her build her business as a mom of four in a way that has taught me how to have a business and put my family first. And I didn’t have an example of that prior to Jody. And that’s what I love about coaching, and about Jody, and also just about the internet.

So I don’t have a life coach in my family who built a business with kids. But I can go and I can find someone who has or who is an expert. Something I learned from Michael Hyatt is the difference between a Sage and a Sherpa. So a Sage is someone who’s a credentialed expert in a particular field, think lawyer, dentist, New York Times bestselling author. They have credentials and they are seen as an expert. And then you have the Sherpa is someone who has done it before and is there for your trusted guide.

So when I am choosing who to learn from and who to follow I balance out the Sages and the Sherpas. And I’m aware of why I follow and why I invest. And sometimes it might not even be because of what they’re offering. So Jody, for example, is a life coach for Mormon moms. Now, I’m not a Mormon mom but I wanted to learn from her because she has the results that I want to have. I want to be that amazing mom in my family and have my business.

So, sometimes you might find someone who you want to invest in and follow and learn from. And your reason might be different than the main thing that they’re offering and that’s okay. I think having that awareness will help you make the decision kind of easier. I know it has for me. That’s why I continue to love on, and follow, and learn from Jody Moore. I love Jody Moore’s work so much.

Next up is my coach, and friend, and beloved mentor, Bev Aron. Bev has taught me so much. I’m going to have trouble narrowing this down. But really something that she taught me through my own actions was that the more you invest financially the more you value your investment. So I paid 10k to work with Bev for a few months and it was one-to-one. And it was the best decision I ever made because for me that was so much money at that time and it meant that I committed a 110% to getting results from working with her. I took it so seriously.

If it would have been a $1,000 there’s no way I would have committed in the way that I did, and that was on me. That was not something that she taught me through her actual work, she didn’t say that to me. But she taught me it through having this program that was such a reach for me. And having the courage to charge that much and to have something that required me to step up.

And I don’t know if you guys know this but that’s when I met and fell in love with Steve. And I don’t think without her weekly coaching I would be getting married to Steve. It’s so crazy to me, I cannot overemphasize the value of teachers, and mentors, and coaching enough.

And I hope that that’s exemplified here because Bev taught me that when I go in and when I go all in with my energy and my money, that is what I get back tenfold. And it wasn’t so much so that I had to get it back by the end of working with her. It was the mindset that it is coming to me because I invested in this way and I’m doing this work. It’s already mine and that’s something that prior to working with her I did not personally feel or think. Thank you Bev, I love you.

My next coach is Kris Plachy. Kris Plachy taught me how to be a CEO in my business. And this is something that I never expected to even need to know. But last year I was in a place where I needed to rebuild my team. And I wanted to learn from someone who had already done that and was teaching that and was an expert. So I’m so grateful for Kris and for her How to CEO program, I completely restructured my team roles and my processes and just all of it on the backend that again I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

So the common theme here at least for me and how I choose who to invest with and how to pick mentors and teachers is that if I have a pain point or if there’s something I’m struggling with, I want to go find someone who has that result. I want to go find someone who is an expert in that field or is someone who can help me, who has helped other people before. And that’s how I found Kris and I am so, so grateful for her work and I continue to learn from her and her programs, and her Lead the Team podcast.

Next up is the fabulous Tanya Lee. From Tanya Lee I have learned how to love myself unapologetically. Tanya has given me permission to be fancy, and be high maintenance, and be spoiled. Now, you might be hearing me say this and think that those are negative phrases to be high maintenance, or to be spoiled. But I don’t think that’s true. I think that we want to be spoiled. We want to elevate our standards and Tanya taught me how to do that from a place of love and sophistication, not from a place of arrogance or greed.

And the differences in how it feels, and that’s why you want to make sure you’re with a really good coach because you will rely on what that coach is teaching. And so you want to, you know, do your due diligence, and learn. This is why a lot of people have that free content ahead of time, like I have this podcast, so that you can learn from me and make a decision. Okay, do I want to learn from her even more?

Next up is Dr. Stephanie Owens-Burkhart. Stephanie is my physical therapist but really she is so much more than that. If you haven’t listened to the podcast episode about how to have better posture, go listen to that, it’s with her. I interviewed her. It’s very practical and useful. But beyond those practical physical health tips that Stephanie has taught me, she is just an extraordinary woman in how she lives. She has taught me how to be brave and to do whatever I want but from a place of genuinely caring about myself, and other people, and the world.

She lives in integrity with herself but lives really, really big. And she has this confidence and bravery about her that is magnetizing. So I love to learn from her, to grow from her, to watch her live her life. And beyond that she’s taught me how to care for my body and how to prioritize it in a way that I wasn’t really doing because I was at my goal weight and didn’t have any kind of weight loss future growth. And Stephanie taught me how to think about and care for my body in a way, much in a way beyond the numbers on the scale. I’m so grateful for her work and I continue to work with her.

So those are the coaches and teachers who I have worked most closely with in the last several years and who I’ve invested in and put a lot of energy and money into working with. But there are also a number of teachers who I learned from with respect to their free content or books. So these teachers are teachers who I either read a lot of their work or listen to a lot of their podcasts and really like to fill my mind with what they have to offer.

Abraham Hicks is someone who I have been following and listening to a lot lately. Tony Robbins, a huge Tony Robbins fan. Love his work, love his books. Brendon Burchard, personal development, business, all of it, he is motivational and inspiring and he does a really great job of teaching things in a really different way. Byron Katie, she is someone who I would call a life coach and teaches The Work which is a different method of coaching. But if you haven’t read the book, Loving What Is, I highly recommend that book.

Eckhart Tolle is someone who I love to read and follow and find that the way that he describes how to live presently and deliberately always brings me back to being more centered and having more slowness in my day-to-day life.  Martha Beck is another life coach who teaches a little bit differently and has a training that’s different from The Life Coach School. But who I love to read her work and her books, and learn personal development from.

Michael Singer has written some books, The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, both books that I highly recommend and are about ego and how to center yourself, slow down and bring so much more joy and lightness to your life, which is work that I’ve done and I am continuing to do. Jack Canfield is someone who I also enjoy reading and following. Katrina Ubell, she trained me at coach training and so I just adore her work. She helps female physicians lose weight but I love the way that she thinks.

Kara Loewentheil, another coach who I follow and who thinks in such a different way. And I don’t mean her political views. I mean her actual brain thinks in a different way than I think. And she thinks really fast and she’s Harvard trained and she’s also a lawyer. And it’s very inspiring to learn from her because I often find holes in my own thinking in a way that I wouldn’t otherwise have found.

Sasha Hinds puts a spin on mindset work that I think is so fun and I just really appreciate her work in the world, a lot of positive psychology work tied into that, absolutely love following her. Corinne Crabtree, she teaches women how to lose weight and I love her brain. I love following her. And I love learning from her, fantastic coach, very inspiring.

So those are the teachers, and coaches, and mentors who I wanted to introduce to you and hopefully you can go find them and follow them and see if any of them are helpful for you. And also so you can see what it’s like for me to decide who to learn from, and follow, and get coached from, and by and who to invest in. I believe that without growth and evolving yourself you will stagnate and need a lot of external pleasure to enjoy life.

So if you don’t have growth, or you don’t have a goal in mind, you’re going to need a lot more wine to feel better, that’s saying it a little bit differently because your brain wants that dopamine. So I’m committed to a life of growth and I love bringing you all the tools and teachings, and as my life changes and grows, I have that reflected in my business, so many of you are seeing, and knowing, and we have so many new podcast listeners and students. It’s just been really fun for me and I hope it’s been as fun for you.

I think that the best way to get the results that you want in your life and to have examples for you to live in the way that you want and to see that transformation is by surrounding yourself with the people who you want to be like. And that doesn’t mean that they have to be in your living room. You want to fill your brain with what they’re saying. You want to take their courses and their programs, and learn from them, and read their books, and get the help that you want at whatever stage of life you’re at.

So depending on what journey you’re on, what teacher you choose to follow or teachers, it will vary. So if you’re a brand new blogger, I can’t recommend Lauren and Alex enough, however if you want help becoming a female leader and CEO, you’re probably going to want to follow Kris Plachy, or even Michael Hyatt. If you want personal development coaching with other women and moms come on into Grow You. If you want to work on your business with me come to The Creator program.

So when you think about choosing your next teacher, coach or mentor think about where you are now and think about how your future is a blank slate and choose someone who can help you, whether that’s in them being the Sage, or the Sherpa, or just having the energy that you want to have in your life. I think that when I invest in coaches, and programs, and teachers, it’s so much easier for me to fill my mind with intentional content than it is if I don’t.

So without these teachers and coaches I’m so much more likely to watch the news for a really long time and overindulge in TV programs. And my brain isn’t going to tell me, okay, “It’s time to stop, it’s time to go into learning that serves you so much better.” So I want to do that ahead of time so that in the moment I don’t have to make that decision.

And that’s really the message that I want you to think about, think about your life now, and think about what you want your life to be like in the future and where does a coach fit into that. Is it in weight loss, is it in relationships? Is it in general life coaching? Is it in being a mom, and a wife, and kind of the next phase of your life? You know what you need, so tap into that. And trust your gut with which way to go.

I’m so appreciate of my coaches and teachers, without them I would be living a completely different life and I wouldn’t know what it’s like to create this future. I wouldn’t feel empowered to change directions and to think anything I want. I wouldn’t know what is possible for me with money, or business, or relationships, or family.

I wouldn’t have such a strong solid relationship with Steve, with my family, with other people, with my business, with my team, with my body, with money, with my health. And because of my coaches, and my teachers, and my relentless passion for curiosity and learning I have been able to transform my life.

And this podcast, while I talked a lot about me and my teachers, and coaches, I really want it to be an example for you of how you can decide who to follow, who to invest in, who to have in your inner circle with some intention so that you’re creating your future from your future instead of from your past. So go out there, choose amazing coaches, and amazing teachers just like I have. Thank you so much to each and every one of my coaches and teachers. I’m so grateful for you and I continue to learn and be inspired by you. I will talk with you next week.

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