‘Monster Hunter Rise’ launch trailer reveals new monster coming in April

Monster Hunter Rise is out today (Friday 26) but the launch trailer already has players eagerly anticipating what’s in store with future updates.

The end of the trailer provides an outline of free post-launch content players can expect, including a sneak peek of a new monster.

The launch trailer gives a good overview of what players can expect from Monster Hunter Rise, showcasing the new wirebug mechanic used for both traversal and combat, the new village hub of Kamura, as well as glimpses of fights against some formidable monsters.

However, the second half of the trailer reveals a silhouette of a fire-breathing wyvern, Apex Rathalos. While Rathalos has been a signature monster since the first instalment, this is an especially tougher variant that can be found in the game’s new Rampage quests.

Watch the launch trailer below:

Apex Rathalos arrives in Monster Hunter Rise‘s 2.0 update, scheduled for late April.

The update includes new monster Chameleos, the first post-launch monster revealed by Capcom during a digital event earlier this month, while several other monsters are still be announced. This will also unlock the HR cap and other features related to the end-game.

A 3.0 update is also planned, albeit with no confirmed release window, which will not only add new monsters but also a new ending, as confirmed by the game director in a Q&A during a livestream earlier this month.

Monster Hunter Rise is expected to be a huge hit on Nintendo Switch, especially in its native Japan, where one company has give its employees a holiday to play the game on launch day.