Mommy & Me, And Daddy Too

Scary Mommy

Welcome to From The Start: A Parent’s Guide to Talking About Racial Bias, a content series, produced in partnership with Johnson’s®, Aveeno® Baby, and Desitin®. We’re calling this our Mommy and Me Class — but Dads are very welcome, too, of course. 

Mommy and Me classes provide both a child’s first school experience and some of their first social interactions. This video presentation for children 0 to 5 and their parents incorporates lessons on anti-bias learning.

The next few minutes will be filled with fun exercises and performances for you and your little ones to watch along with, and play with. The not-so-hidden gems in everything we’re about to do are designed to help instill notions of fairness, inclusion, and to support your child’s early grasp of anti-bias behavior. Let’s get started.