Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson always seem to be in some form of relationship drama, whether it’s positive or negative. Most recently, fans began to speculate whether or not the couple got engaged, after seeing a Good American ad that Khloe posted to her Instagram on Sunday. In the ad, Khloe is seen kneeling in front of the camera displaying a new pair of shoes that her brand is selling, with her hand poised delicately on her backside. On her ring finger, a massive diamond can be seen. 

Since the ring was on *that* finger, fans immediately began wondering if this meant Khloe and Tristan were engaged. “Is this her way of letting us know she’s engaged?!” one commenter asked. “It’s the ring for me,” another added. Tristan played coy in the comments as well, jokingly writing, “WOW!!!!!!! That grass is cut to perfection.”

According to a source close to the family, however, the ring is not from Thompson. In fact, Khloe has had the ring for quite some time. She wore it during an outing in Boston in December, which also caused an uproar when fans speculated she was engaged. It seems as though Khloe just wanted some additional buzz around her brand Good American’s upcoming shoe release, and she got boyfriend Tristan Thompson to play into the speculation as well.