Jeanie Buss’ interesting reaction to Andre Drummond signing

One diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan posted an old photo of the legendary Jerry Buss with basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The post caught the attention of Jeanie Buss, who then shared a heartfelt message.

Jeanie reposted the photo on Instagram, interestingly comparing it to the current situation of the Lakers. While Andre Drummond is certainly no Abdul-Jabbar, he is another talented big man who’s about to don the legendary Purple and Gold jerseys.

Every single Laker fan is pumped to see Andre Drummond to be finally part of the family. After all, the two-time All-Star isn’t just your ordinary big man. He’s a beast on the boards with a pretty hefty presence in the paint.

However, the Lakers will have to wait before Drummond catches those lobs from LeBron James or work a two-man game with Anthony Davis. Both LeBron and AD need some more time to recover from their respective injuries.

In the meantime, Drummond has the opportunity to show what he has without two elite superstars alongside him. He has the chance to develop some chemistry with the likes of Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell and Dennis Schroder—players who have great basketball skills in their own right.

It’s still unknown whether Drummond will play his first game with the Lakers on Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks. However, LA fans should keep their eyes peeled.

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