Google Stadia is getting a three-day stream event for announcements, reveals, and more

All the focus for today may be on Amazon Prime Day, but Google Stadia still has something to say, with the announcement that there will be a new three-day long event for Google’s maturing game streaming platform. Google Stadia has had a rough life, which isn’t getting any easier with the existence of Xbox Cloud Gaming and Amazon Luna heating up the increasingly competitive market.

Google Stadia’s streaming event will feature announcements, reveals, surprises, and more across its three days, or as Google reminds us, lots of «good stuff.» Yes, I will keep putting it in quotations. According to Google, alongside all the announcements and news, three new games will become available immediately during the stream, which could be very exciting for Stadia users depending on the games.

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Beyond that, we don’t know a ton about what exactly we’ll see at the event, but it does start at 9 am PT / 6 pm CET on October 20, lasting until October 22, 2020. You’ll be able to tune in on the Google Stadia YouTube channel.

If you’re using Stadia, a much-needed feature was just added to the service, with the ability to stream games to your mobile device using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, which is something players have been requesting since the service’s launch.

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