Get to know these 10 verified investors who are ready to connect today

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been working on verifying the investors on the e27 platform.

Being a verified investor means that there are people managing the investor profile in an official capacity. More than just reassurance that these are legitimate investor profiles, it also means that e27 Pro members can directly engage with these investors via the Connect feature.

Check out these ten verified investors that you can connect with for advice, mentorship, and fundraising opportunities”

Coffee Ventures
Stages: Seed, Series A
Verticals: Finance, Healthtech, Software as a Service
Investment Range: Not Specified
Straight from Coffee Ventures: Coffee Ventures invests in early stage technological startups in Southeast Asia. We partner up with founders by fostering discipline in product management and culture of entrepreneurship. At the same time, we seek entrepreneurs who demonstrate discipline in developing hypothesis to a problem, depth of understanding through meaningful experimentation, and resourcefulness in taking products to market. Current focus is on startups that address Southeast Asia markets, and can achieve breakout growth through our network and support. Investment areas include health & wellness, education, finance, enterprise, artificial intelligence and marketplace.
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VIC Partners
Stages: Angel / Pre Seed, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge
Verticals: Consumer, Education, Human Resources, Information & Communications Technology, Platform
Investment Range: USD 30K – USD 200K
Straight from VIC Partners: Our club members have been involved in creating, scaling, and exiting companies in Vietnam. Founders can rely on our experience, and our commitment, to help them to build a winning startup.
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Thai Reinsurance PCL
Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C & Above
Verticals: Finance, Insurtech
Investment Range: Not specified
Straight from Thai Reinsurance PCL: A professional reinsurer with 5,413 million baht in shareholders’ equity, Thai Re has the financial strength and market knowledge to provide high-quality reinsurance services.

Our customer focus however is what differentiates us from other reinsurers operating in the Thai market and is at the heart of our organization. Our recent integration of four departments into business units has made our organization even more adept at actively responding to our customers’ changing needs. It is through our dedicated business units that we will build long-lasting business relationship.
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CP Ventures
Stages: Angel / Pre Seed, Seed
Verticals: All / Any
Investment Range: Not specified
Straight from CP Ventures: CP Ventures is a boutique VC fund that’s run by Emlyn Scott and Chris Sang, that invests internationally in early-stage, highly scalable, breakthrough technology companies. We invest at the pre-Seed & Seed stage, where extremely high IRRs can be achieved. CP Ventures is active smart money. We’re as active as our portfolio companies need, from leading the investment, introducing co-investors, complete HR functions, tech and scaling help, active Limited Partners, US angel and VC networks, Angelist syndication, client introductions and cross-pollination of client lists and products.
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STIC Investments
Stages: Series A, Series B, Private Equity
Verticals: All / Any
Investment Range: USD 200K – USD 5M
Straight from STIC Investments: STIC Investments, Inc. (“STIC”) is one of the largest and most experienced private equity firms in Korea. STIC seeks to create growth and prosperity in economies across Asia through investing in companies that engage in promising businesses.
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Maslin Capital Ltd.
Stages: Series A, Series B, Series C & Above
Verticals: Agritech, Biotech, Cleantech, Food & Beverage, Healthtech, Medtech
Investment Range: USD 500K – USD 5M
Straight from Maslin Capital Ltd.: Maslin plans to provide both late-stage venture capital and early expansion capital for companies in Bangladesh. We help to support their growth. Maslin shall focus on industries, including robotics, e-commerce, health, real estate, tire pyrolysis, and tank farming. We invest in businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore It gives the potential to become nationally or globally competitive in its sector and has high growth prospects. We look for businesses that provide a meaningful equity stake with board representations, appropriate shareholder protections and an investment horizon of less than five years.
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Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C & Above
Verticals: Advertising, Agency & Consulting, Big Data, Consumer, Energy, Enterprise Solution, Healthtech, Logistics/Supply Chain, Media, PR & Communications, Real Estate, Retail
Investment Range: Not specified
Straight from EMAMI BIOTECH PTE LTD: Contribute whole-heartedly towards the environment and society integrating all our stakeholders into the Emami family. Make the brand synonymous with Quality and Innovation in the consumer’s mind. Drive growth through quality and innovation Strengthen and foster strong emotive feelings of oneness within our employees. Uphold the principles of corporate governance. Encourage decision-making abilities at all levels of the organization.
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Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C & Above
Verticals: Finance
Investment Range: Not specified
Straight from ANZ: ANZi is comprised of ANZi Ventures – which invests in emerging growth companies that can create strategic value to ANZ customers, bankers and partners and ANZi New Business Lab – a business incubation group lab, designing, building and launching new digital platform businesses which support customers in the homeownership, small business and trade and capital flow sectors.
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New Silkroutes Asset Management
Stages: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C & Above
Verticals: Blockchain, Energy, Healthtech
Investment Range: Not specified
Straight from New Silkroutes Asset Management: New Silkroutes Group Limited is a Singapore-incorporated investment holding company listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd (SGX). The Group, through its subsidiaries and associate companies, has businesses in the Healthcare, Energy/Resources and Real Estate sectors.
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Anthill Ventures
Stages: Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A
Verticals: Cleantech, Consumer, Energy, Enterprise Solution, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Healthtech, Internet of Things, Media, Medtech, Smart Cities, Software as a Service, Sports, Transportation, Travel
Investment Range: USD 50K – USD 3M
Straight from Anthill Ventures: Anthilll Ventures is an investment and scaling platform for early growth stage startups that want to scale with speed in Indian markets. Our thesis revolves around finding right partners globally among funds, family offices and accelerators and then co-investing along with them in highly scalable business ideas that have growth opportunities in Asia. In addition to our investment, we provide services that can scale the startups towards series A within 12 months.
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Watch out for more announcements of new verified investors (yes, there is more!). If you’re an investor and looking to get verified, find out how here.

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