GeekWire is turning 10: Seeking memorabilia from the past decade of Seattle and Pacific NW tech

GeekWire’s new lobby display courtesy of BCRA Design. (Photo © Aaron Locke/BCRA)

Help us celebrate a decade of tech news coverage in Seattle!

GeekWire turns 10 in March, and we’re seeking donations of swag, gadgets, photos and other items representing key people, companies, news and events from the past decade in Seattle and Pacific Northwest tech, to showcase in our new lobby display, designed by BCRA.

We will be marking this 10-year milestone by looking back at major developments from the past decade in the region’s tech community. As part of that, we’re adding to our collection of memorabilia, which already includes such gems as a concrete chunk from Microsoft’s first Redmond building, an Amazon hardhat, a Convoy toy truck, and photos of team activities, big news and notable people we’ve covered.

So take a close look at those closets and shelves! Tell us what you’d like to donate at, and if chosen, we’ll work with you to coordinate shipment or drop-off.

In addition to claiming a spot in our lobby display, chosen items will be featured in a special commemorative post on GeekWire, along with recognition for those who contributed.

A special thank you to the team at BCRA Design, who helped spruce up GeekWire HQ in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Our small and scrappy team looks forward to returning there as the pandemic allows, when we can once again collaborate in the conference room and enjoy the buzz in the newsroom when big stories break.

Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting GeekWire.

More photos from the office “refresh”:

The new lobby display showcases past GeekWire events and will incorporate memorabilia from the past decade in Seattle and Pacific NW tech. (Photo © Aaron Locke/BCRA)
Due to the intense global interest in technology, ideas and innovation emerging from our backyard, one of GeekWire’s mantras, and new conference room decor, has become: What happens here matters everywhere. (Photo © Aaron Locke/BCRA)
This former storage space might become the most popular seat in the office. In the background is part of a mural from GeekWire’s launch party in 2011, a reminder of the technology community’s longtime support. (Photo © Aaron Locke/BCRA)
GeekWire is guided by these seven core values, displayed in the GeekWire newsroom. Learn more about our core values and journalistic focus at (Photo © Aaron Locke/BCRA)