Dota 2 gets a brand new Tutorial alongside the Anime Adaptation release

Dota 2 suffered from a vastly outdated tutorial mode for several years. It got so bad that a group of well-meaning players spearheaded by famous Dota personality SirActionSlacks started a fundraiser for a revamped tutorial. The community tutorial team offered regular updates and seemed to be well on track to a full release but it would still have only been a mod for the existing game. Fortunately, Valve finally addressed the long-standing issue of its biggest esports title. Dota 2 finally receives an updated tutorial that will coincide with the premiere of the Dota anime adaptation.


It took several years of player complaints and a community project to finally get an updated tutorial. It’s no secret that Dota 2 updates have been slow but finally, Valve fixed the issue. The Dota developers posted an extensive announcement detailing the mechanics of the upcoming update.

New players will get proper guidance from the brand new wizard character featured in the announcement. The unnamed wizard will offer tips and warnings through pop-ups. Computer veterans will remember the old Clippy assistant from Microsoft office.  Several other changes come to Dota 2 for the benefit of newcomers. The game arguably has some of the fiercest competition in esports but it previously provided no concessions for its newer players. Now, new players will find a much more pleasant experience when trying Dota 2 for the first time.

Valve will also introduce a New Player Mode which allows players to slowly get acquainted with heroes at a fair pace. Previously, new players immediately had access to all of Dota’s heroes.

The project spearheaded by SirActionSlacks may find itself on the official client in some way. Valve claims the project inspired the developers to create a brand new tutorial. It took several years but the community came together for all Dota 2 players. Hopefully, Valve’s new Dota 2 tutorial helps mold the TI winners of the future.

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