Dear Cassey: I reached my goal and now I have no motivation.

Hey Feeling Confused,

THIS is the part of a fitness journey that no one talks about! Once you hit your goals… what’s next?

Because you can’t just stop. You definitely can’t go back to your old habits. Like you said, you know how much better you feel when you work out, and you notice your eating is derailed when you don’t work out. But maintaining your goals and finding new ways to challenge yourself can be soooo hard! So what do you do?

I can give you some tips based on my own experience after my 90 Day Journey, but first I want to point out that every part of your journey is personal. If you try to follow exactly what someone else did, you’ll end up right back here, confused and unsure what to do next. So that being said, here’s some advice!

Find something you actually ENJOY. I had to start here because this is the entire reason I got into fitness. Finding exercise that brings you joy is key to keep going. Something that makes you think less about doing it X times per week, and more about just wanting to do it. Start experimenting with different types of workouts. And have fun with it! Go into it with an open mind because who knows, you might love something you’d never expect.

Go back to your “why.” I’m gonna guess there was more to why you started your journey than just weight. You stuck to it and hit your goal, which takes A LOT of motivation. So think back to your thought process when you started. Besides weight, what got you fired up to start working out and change the way you eat? For me, I wanted to get into the best shape of my life. And I go back to that goal often, because I know I can always get better.

Take a break if you need to. Sometimes it’s just not worth forcing yourself to work out. If you really need a break, take it! Work on your mindset instead and keep moving every day, but keep it light with things like walking or yoga. Taking a week or two to reset and recharge won’t hurt you in the long run.

Find and lean on a support circle. Your circle = accountability and motivation. There are a lot of ways your circle can help you stay motivated:

  • If you have a fitness tracker (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.), get a little competitive! But keep it FUN!
  • Join fitness classes if things are opening up in your area and you feel safe.
  • Meet up with a friend to workout or go on a walk, or work out “together” on a video call!
  • Don’t hesitate to vent to friends and family when you need extra support. Sometimes hearing a different perspective is all you need!


Keep tracking your progress. I allllllways talk about tracking more than just weight! And that’s because I learned on my own journey that those other things were actually what motivated me! Things like how many pushups I can do, my running pace, drinking X amount of water every day, watching my muscles grow (take pics!), or challenging myself to try new foods. Anything you want to do… make it a goal!

Find ways to spark your motivation. Follow social media accounts that inspire you and unfollow anyone who does the opposite. Journal how you feel after you crush a workout or days when you feel super confident so you can go back and remind yourself on the days you need it most. Treat yourself to cute new workout clothes or a set of weights that will challenge you just a little. You know yourself best! Think of what motivates you and do it!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the ball rolling to stay motivated and figure out what’s next on your journey. Remember – your journey is SUPPOSED to forever evolve! Keep your mind open, and I know you’ll find that spark.

Do you have any tips for Feeling Confused to stay motivated? Let’s hear them in the comments!