Best Bluetooth Keyboards for NVIDIA Shield TV in 2021

Bluetooth Keyboards for NVIDIA Shield TV
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The NVIDIA Shield TV is a fantastic device for streaming the best movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming services — but the included remotes and gaming controllers are pretty lousy for inputting your log-in credentials or searching for content. Fortunately, there’s support for wireless and Bluetooth keyboards for NVIDIA Shield TV that will make things oh so much easier!

A Bluetooth keyboard is much more versatile than a remote

The NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) offers native support for keyboards, so now’s a great time to invest in a quality wireless keyboard for your home. While the Xiaomi Miiiw Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard has been a favorite among NVIDIA Shield TV owners for a handful of years, it’s currently unavailable on Amazon and it’s unclear if it will ever be back in stock. With that in mind, the Logitech K600 TV Wireless Keyboard might be the best option on the market right now. In addition to boasting seamless Bluetooth connectivity, the K600 has a battery life of up to one year using only two AAA batteries.

Ultimately, which option you choose will be a matter of personal preference, but we’ve tried to highlight some bluetooth keyboards for NVIDIA Shield options that are compact and stylish — something that you won’t mind leaving out on your living room table.

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