Bam Adebayo, Erik Spoelstra vocal on ‘big strides’ on roadtrip

For the first time this season, the Miami Heat are finally starting to look like the same dominant team that conquered the Eastern Conference last year. Bam Adebayo and coach Erik Spoelstra can certainly feel the tides finally turning their way.

Ahead of the final road game of their Western Conference trip against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, Spoelstra gave kudos to the Heat for playing their best stretch of basketball in the challenging campaign (via Yahoo! Sports).

“I think, without a doubt, this is one of the best segments of the season for us. We’ve made big strides I think in the last eight, nine days of this trip and we’ve dealt with some adversity together. I think that’s always good for our group.”

Adebayo, who has been an anchor for the Heat throughout the tough stretch, credited the lengthy road trip in helping them improve their chemistry this season.

“When we’re at home we can’t really see each other. We’re in the hotel now, we’re traveling together on the plane, getting to talk to one another and really getting that cohesive brotherhood again that we had last year. It’s great for us and we just got to keep building from here.”

Without superstar Jimmy Butler for a significant amount of time, the South Beach squad became an afterthought in the much-improved Eastern Conference and got off to a slow start. The Heat, however, have now emerged victors in their last two contests, putting out a statement win over reigning champion Los Angeles Lakers in their last outing. The Heat have gone 6-4 in their last 10 games with an overall record of 13-17.

Granted they are still on the outside looking in the postseason picture, Bam Adebayo and company are indeed playing much better basketball.

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