Apple Rumored to Include Apple Music and Podcast Apps in Microsoft Store

A recently brewing rumor suggests that Apple is working towards developing indigenous Apple Music and Podcast apps to be distributed on the Microsoft Store. As of now, there is no confirmation on whether Apple is thinking about replacing the iPhone for Windows.

The portal 9to5Mac published a report stating that Apple will be running Music and Podcast apps for platforms owned by Microsoft. A while back, Apple started hiring engineers to develop next-generation media applications that could be run on Windows. The development of the Apple TV app, which was compatible with Xbox, was a result of this initiative.

The apps will be tested extensively to check whether they are in line with Apple’s vision. Apple also wants to ensure that once they are launched and distributed, they should be prominently visible on the Microsoft platforms. The apps are expected to be delivered to the Microsoft Store sometime later this year.

As stated earlier, the report does not hint at Apple planning to replace iTunes for Windows but Apple’s initiative of developing alternative Music based apps suggests there is a possibility of that happening. It must be noted that around a year back, there were rumors about iTunes being shut down.

Apple Music

What really happened was when Apple launched macOS Catalina, many of the features or services offered by iTunes were distributed across various apps owned by Apple. For a while, both iTunes users and media critics had pointed out the fact the app had expanded way too much and become quite cluttered. This move by Apple seemed to be a response to that.

In the same year, recruiting agencies rolled out job listings which hinted at the possibility of Apple developing standalone media apps that would be compatible with Windows. This was also quite necessary for the company as it had forayed into subscription-based services like Apple TV+ and Apple Music.

At that particular time, Apple had shown interest in recruiting engineers who come from a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) background. The API was launched around the same time Windows was introduced in the market and enables developers and engineers to come up with software that can be used on HoloLens, Windows 10, and Xbox One.

There was a time when the apps developed by Apple could be run exclusively on products manufactured by the company. Now, the company is making a conscious effort to make its apps available on all major platforms. As the company is investing quite heavily in developing apps and other services, it makes better business sense to have them on multiple platforms.