Anthony Davis reacts to Packers eliminating Rams

Anthony Davis of the Lakers was impressed by the Green Bay Packers’ win over the Los Angeles Rams and credited the Pack’s star receiver, Davante Adams.

Taking to Instagram, Davis was impressed by how well the Packers’ offense played and lauded it.

The Packers offense was impressive, accumulating 484 total yards in the 32-18 win over the Los Angeles Rams. The Pack’s offense has been very strong all year long, mostly due to Aaron Rodgers and his campaign to prove to the world, and most importantly the Packers front office, that he still has it following the franchise drafting Jordan Love in the first round of the draft. The Packers finished fifth in total offense through the season, averaging 389 yards per game, and led the league in points per game with 31.8.

Another factor that helped the Packers win, which Davis alluded to, was the weather. The temperature was in the mid-30s at kickoff, which is weather the Packers are used to playing in, but the Rams are not used to. A USA Today study showed that the Pack really does play better in the cold relative to their opponents, recording a 19-8 record in games with the temperature around freezing since 1970.

A Chicago native, Davis shocked the Windy City last season when he was spotted repping Packers gear while at the Green Bay-Seattle Seahawks playoff game at Lambeau Field. Davis admitted last year that he wasn’t a big football fan growing up, focusing on basketball instead.

The reason for his fandom of the Pack is due to his friendship with some of the players on the current team. Considering this it’s unknown whether his fandom will stick if those players move to another organization. For now, though, the Cheeseheads will appreciate the support as Green Bay prepares for the NFC Championship Game against the Buccaneers or the Saints, the first time Lambeau Field has hosted the NFC title game in 13 years.

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