AirPods + iPhone 11 Deal: Apple Store or Amazon?

When Apple launched its online store in India, people were looking forward to some special offers. And the first notable one is here. Apple has announced that from 17 October onwards, anyone who purchases an iPhone 11 from the store will get a pair of AirPods free of cost with them. As per the site itself, the iPhone 11 starts at Rs 68,300, while the AirPods start at Rs 14,900 for the first generation. Now, we do not know WHICH pair of AirPods will come free with the iPhone 11, but the general tendency of most brands is to bundle the most affordable option. Incidentally, the AirPods with wireless charging start at Rs 18,900, while the top-end AirPods start at Rs 24,900.

iphone 11 airpods deal

Now, that is a very good deal. But then, hang on, the iPhone 11 is expected to come at lower prices at different e-commerce portals in the coming days. So, it would make sense and check out all the deals in bargainsville, especially if you are looking for a pair of them AirPods with that iPhone 11.

Amazon has announced that the iPhone 11 will be priced at a very mysterious Rs 4x,999 during its Great Indian Festival Sale, also starting on October 17. Now, even if we make that x-rated price a worst-case scenario (for consumers) Rs 49,999, the price of buying the base AirPods with them would be

Rs 49,999 + Rs 14,900 = Rs 64,899

And wait, wait, the base AirPods are at the time of writing actually lower priced at Amazon and starting at Rs 13,499, so the price would change to

Rs 49,999 + Rs 13,499 = Rs 63,498

Hang on, we are not done yet. In fact, if you are considering the Apple Store India offer and are willing to let go of Rs 68,300 for an iPhone 11 and get them AirPods free, you could perhaps think of getting them from Amazon with the wireless charging case also. It is currently available at Rs 16,499. Let us look at that equation again:

Rs 49,999 + Rs 16,499 = Rs 66,498

iphone 11 airpods

And well, if you are REALLY looking for the best TWS, then why not go all the way and get the AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation and wireless charging. They are available for Rs 21,999 on Amazon at the time of writing. That equation again:

Rs 49,999 + Rs 21,999 = Rs 71,998

In this case you would be spending more overall than you would on the Rs 68,300 for the iPhone 11 and free AirPods deal on the Apple Store, but for Rs 3,698 more, you would be getting the AirPods Pro too, which are officially priced at Rs 24,900.

Not bad, eh?

Note: The prices mentioned in the piece are those at the time of writing. They might change in the coming days.

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