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Unicorn toys will never go out of style. In fact, unicorn anything will never go out of style. Baby shark toys come and go, but unicorns are here to stay. You’ve noticed it, we’ve noticed it — unicorns are everywhere. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are — preteen or pull-ups, there’s a unicorn stamped on it. We’re not exactly mad about the trend either. It’s not often, after all, that you can combine a positive statement about being unique with sparkles — or find common ground between your six and sixteen-year-old. Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower, birthday party, or preparing your kid to be a fairytale dressage champion, here’s our picks for the best unicorn toys for kids of all ages.

Best Unicorn Toys for Kids

Up to three kids can play in this colorful unicorn pop-up tent. It’s lightweight, breathable, and mesh windows allow you to keep an eye on the kiddos while they play. While the reviews say that this tent likely won’t withstand any sieges, it gets bonus points for being fairly easy-to-assemble and for the included storage bag.

$25.95 AT AMAZON

If your unicorn aficionado needs to have a little bit of magic everywhere they go, give them a water-friendly, cute-as-a-button, baby unicorn. This one has water-activated, color-changing lights (which are sure to be a hit with your kids) and is designed to make parents happy with a closed, mold-resistant design. Pro tip: grab one for each kid — reviewers say the adorably soft toy doesn’t inspire sharing.


This awesome nighttime lamp projects unicorns, so you can turn your kid’s room into unicorn land. It also has a starry sky option, if you want to switch up the magic. This lamp is able to project up 15 feet, and 250 square feet. Sleepover, anyone?

$25.99 AT AMAZON

What kid doesn’t love a surprise toy? All you need to do is add water, wait, and watch for this rainbow egg to hatch a unicorn surprise. As the egg cracks, the unicorn will continue to grow for up to 48 hours! Your kiddo will be 100% mesmerized.


It’s been a stressful year for kids, too. This squishy unicorn is filled with gel-infused (non-toxic!) beads that are super durable and feel extremely satisfying to squish, squeeze, and stretch. Honestly, you might want one yourself.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler and Baby Unicorn Toys

If you’re looking for a unicorn toy that baby will love, snag this magical, moveable Bright Starts toy. You can set it to “chase” mode and let your crawler (or toddler) run after this unicorn, which changes directions when you touch it. If you need to keep them in one spot, set the Rock & Glow to “discovery” mode, which teaches colors, numbers, and shapes with lights and sound. This pick has “baby shower win” all over it.

$19.98 AT AMAZON

Handmade by moms and woven with certified organic cotton yarn, you’d be supporting two New York-based friends who created Cuddoll *and* your kiddo’s growing imagination.


Got a little one who’s on-the-move? Get them some wheels with this ride-on wagon. The clever design grows with your tot’s abilities. Early walkers can use it as a push-wagon for stability, while older kids can ride and push with their feet. Once they’ve got the hang of walking, they can use it scooter-style with an extended handlebar.


If your budding Doc McStuffins is ready to scrub up, get her the tools she’ll need with this Unicorn Pet Doctor kit. This playset comes with a stethoscope, syringe, bottle, a cast for setting broken horns, and of course, the cuddly hypochondriac themselves. Plus, there’s a rainbow backpack — so she can make house calls, of course. 

$55.82 AT AMAZON

Best Unicorn Toys for Girls

With nearly 4,000 ratings, this robotic unicorn is Amazon’s pick for top “unicorn toys for girls.” They can learn basic coding and programming skills by “training” their unicorn with the included treats. Equipped with multiple modes and auto-navigation, this smart-bot can be controlled with a remote or taught to respond to a variety of gestures. If your kiddo’s been wanting a unicorn as a pet, you’ll want to grab this one for sure.

$36.95 AT AMAZON

You can groom, pet, feed, and dance with this light-up unicorn toy. Fully interactive, the dancing unicorn from Little Live Pets boogies to its own music. They also light up and respond to being fed and groomed. Recommended for enthusiasts over five years old, they can choose between Sparkles (pink) and Butterbow (white). That is, if they don’t try to talk you into buying both.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

If you haven’t heard about Happy Nappers yet, you will soon — they combine all the best features of a pillow, sleeping bag, and stuffed animal. This fuzzy unicorn pillow unfolds easily into a rainbow-splashed sleeping bag. Perfect for playtime, car, movie nights, or staying at Grandma’s, this pillow is the pinnacle of unicorn naptime fashion.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Cuddly Unicorn Stuffed Animals

::cue breath:: IT’S SO FLUFFY!!! It’s hard to imagine someone who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with this huggable unicorn plush. Just over a foot tall, it’s just…cute. Like, really, really fricking cute. And so soft. Whether it’s for a baby shower, toddler, young child, or a teenager that ain’t too proud to snuggle, they’ll love the feel of this adorable stuffed unicorn.


Covered in sparkly silver stars, the unicorn pillow pet is arguably the most fashionable of all the Pillow Pets (and you can tell the Cosmic Kitty I said so). Something of a status symbol in the pre-teen world, Pillow Pets convert from stuffed animals to cushy pillows with just one velcro strip. Score this glittery unicorn in white or pink so you can stunt on these foals.


This awesome nighttime lamp projects unicorns, so you can turn your kid’s room into unicorn land. It also has a starry sky option, if you want to switch up the magic. This lamp is able to project up 15 feet, and 250 square feet. Sleepover, anyone?

$25.99 AT AMAZON

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