10 reasons to buy a Ring Video Doorbell or Camera during Prime Day 2020

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If you’re looking for some great smart home cameras and video doorbells, there’s no better time than to pick up some Ring cameras than on Prime Day. Ever since Amazon bought Ring in 2018, the company has been rolling out some of the best smart home cameras you can buy. Ring makes cameras for just about any scenario you can cook up, from video doorbells to outdoor cams with spotlights, they do it all. While there are many reasons to buy a Ring camera on Prime Day 2020, we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best!

The handy cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

Stick it anywhere, inside or out

Ring Stick Up Cam is named perfectly; its battery-powered nature and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity make it easy to put anywhere you need.

1. Wire it up. Or don’t!

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Battery Remove

Source: Ring

Ring offers a plethora of cameras, from Ring Stick Up Cams to Ring Video Doorbells, that can be used wirelessly or wired up to power. Ring’s cameras and video doorbells ship with an easily removable, rechargeable battery pack inside, making it simple to replace when needed. Ring even sells solar panels that will keep your Ring cameras charged up year-round, ensuring you’ll seldom have to charge batteries manually again.

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Wireless Ring Video Doorbells also have the option to be wired up, which not only makes the battery inside a backup power option (in case the power goes out), but it also enables additional features that would otherwise quickly drain a battery.

Ring Video Doorbell Solar Charger

Keep your Ring Video Doorbell 3 or 3 Plus completely wireless without ever having to worry about charging batteries again!

2. It doesn’t take a genius

Ring has designed its product line with simplicity in mind. Aside from easy installation, all Ring cameras and video doorbells can be added to the Ring app. That means you’ll never have to use multiple apps to get things done. With all of your Ring devices in one app, it’s also easier to manage historical security footage, find events, and even create ways for your Ring devices to interact with one another (more on that later).

As a bonus, the Ring app and all related services are more private and secure than ever. With options like the Ring Control Center, which helps you guard your privacy, and mandatory 2-factor authentication to keep your account secure, the Ring app is better than ever.

3. Always present

One of the best things about having a smart home is the ability to make it look like you’re still home. Instead of having to set up some elaborate fake party as Kevin does in the movie Home Alone, you can turn Ring lights on and off, record from Ring cameras, and even speak with the person at your door through a Ring Video Doorbell. If a delivery driver attempts to drop off a package while you’re not home, you can easily speak with them and ask to leave the package in a safe, hidden spot.

Upcoming Ring products like the Ring Always Home Cam can even fly around your home and replace a bunch of cameras in one fell swoop.

Ring Indoor Cam

Affordable and powerful, the Ring Indoor Cam can watch over your home and keep it safe.

4. Finding that one time when…

Ring Video Doorbell App

Source: Ring

The Ring app makes it super easy to see all your recordings in one place, but this isn’t just a list of random recordings that you’ll need to sift through — the Ring app presents all recordings in an ultra-easy-to-use timeline view. Battery-powered cameras will let you scrub through the day’s timeline and show you any recorded clips when motion was detected.

Cameras that are wired up can be set to record more often (or even all the time), giving you a full timeline that can be easily scrubbed through, so you know exactly what’s been happening at your home all day without any gaps. Some Ring products, like the Ring Video Doorbell 3, even include pre-roll video, which records right before a motion event or button press to give you even more context.

5. Fewer false alarms

Ring pioneered using a dual-camera system in its video doorbells, but the second camera might not be what you think. While the main camera can be used to view who is at the front door, the second camera sees the world in heat vision. This thermal camera can work in tandem with the regular camera to help detect people and animals that might roam in front of your camera.

That helps to significantly cut down on false alarms that might otherwise detect plants blowing in the wind or cars driving by, helping you feel more confident that, when you do receive a motion alert, it means that it’s probably a person actually at your door or trying to cause havoc on your property.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is the latest and greatest from Ring, featuring pre-roll video and advanced motion detection.

6. Is there an Echo in here?

Amazon Echo Show 5

Source: Amazon

If you’ve already got an Amazon Echo Show in your home, or are planning on buying one, then you definitely need some Ring cameras to go along with that smart display. That’s because it’s ultra-easy to see any of your Ring cameras on the Echo Show’s display, simply by asking Alexa. All you need to say is «Alexa, show me the back yard camera,» or the name of any Ring camera around your home, and it’ll be displayed right on the Echo Show. This even works when someone presses the doorbell button, allowing you to answer the door from another room entirely.

Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is the perfect size to fit anywhere, making it easier to answer the door from another room with your Ring Video Doorbell.

7. Hey Alexa, check this out

Speaking of Alexa, if you’re already invested in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem with Echo devices around your home, Ring is the perfect partner to go with the most popular virtual assistant around. That’s because Alexa can interact with your Ring cameras in just about any way you can imagine. In addition to showing live video on Echo Show devices, as stated above, you can ask Alexa to show you video clips that were taken, turn on and off Ring lights, and even arm or disarm the Ring Alarm system.

Echo Dot (3rd-gen)

Add Alexa to any room with the Echo Dot, a tiny speaker that packs a big punch.

8. A Ring of security

Ring Alarm Security Kit Product Render

Source: Ring

Ring’s products are all designed to work in perfect harmony with one another to help make your smart home actually feel smart. While many companies have a range of smart home products, few give you the power to link them together the way Ring does. Within the Ring app, you can choose what happens when your cameras pick up motion, or an alarm is raised. That includes turning on all the lights, starting a recording on all the cameras, and essentially turning your home into an amazing one-stop-surveillance-shop for catching someone doing something nefarious on your property.

9. What did your neighbors see?

While the Neighbors app has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years for Ring’s involvement with local police agencies, Ring has worked to improve privacy and tighten security with additions like end-to-end encryption for videos. Even without that, the Neighbors app is a fantastic way to see what’s been happening in your area, including police reports on crimes committed in your vicinity, any reports by your neighbors that might not have been filed with the police, and a great way to keep track of other safety-related issues that might be happening around you.

10. Get the right look

Ring Stick Up Camera ceiling mount

Source: Ring

Lastly, Ring has lots of great accessories that work for all its products, adding to the ways of using Ring devices throughout your home. Need a better mount or just a way to make a camera look like more proper decor? How about keeping your battery-powered Ring cameras always-charged thanks to a solar panel? All of these things can be bought for Ring devices, and it makes for a versatile set of products that can become whatever you need.

Knock knock

Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen

Who’s there?

Find out the punchline, or just who might actually be at your door with a Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen.

Put a Ring on it

Ring Stick Up Cam

Goes where you need it

Ring Stick Up Cam is easy to go where it needs. With weather resistance, you can even put it outside.

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